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Old Property Deeds

History Search

This search provides a copy of the current Title Register and the names and addresses of previous owners of the property since it became registered, If they were owners of the same address but with a different title number the search will also include a copy of the Title Register for one other title number referred to. The Title Plan for each registered Title is also included.

Documents Provided
  • Current Land Register
  • Current Title Plan
  • Prior Land Register
  • Prior Title Plan
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Land Registry Search Types

Multiple Searches

Using our multi-forms can save you a lot of time and trouble. These forms allow you to search for up to 20 properties all on one form. Multiple search forms are available for our most popular products.

Environmental Searches

Neighbourhood, Environment and Utility searches are immensely useful when buying a property, as they usually contain considerable and invaluable information about the area and people near to a particular property.


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Professional Independent Specialists

UKLRS is a private company and not affiliated to individual government land registries and provides professional and easy to use Land Registry services throughout the whole of the British Isles.

We do not sell documents that are available for free from government departments, and work within the Government guidelines for the re-sale of documents provided by them.


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