Specific Property Deeds in Paper or Digital Formats for England and Wales

Est. 1998

Specific Paper Deeds

Paper Deeds comprise both handwritten and typewritten deeds such as conveyances and agreements that have been used as part of the conveyancing process in the transfer of title from one person to another, usually containing detailed covenants, easements and/or agreements etc. They should not be confused with the Title Register (LR 1) and Title Plan (LR 2), which are the main documents of ownership making up registered Titles.

These Deeds often contain useful information about boundaries, covenants and rights of way, and frequently have detailed plans and drawings attached to them.

Paper Deeds are those which have not been scanned by the Land Registry and therefore not stored electronically. Photocopies of these documents, may however be available.

All Electronically Stored Deeds referred to in the Title Register

(Usually described in the Register as "copy filed")

These Deeds may include copies of conveyances, transfers, indentures, agreements, illustrative plans, epitomes, abstracts of title, licences and wayleave agreements. They are usually documents once used to deduce the root of title in the old pre-registration conveyancing process, and no longer constitute the documents of title. Their main value is their contribution to providing a more detailed description of covenants, easements and agreements.

LR3a Example

In the above extract from a Title Register, the Transfer Plan is available as a digital copy.

Documents Provided
  • ALL electronically stored Deeds described as "copy filed" for a single Title
  • Deeds Information Guide
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File: pdf
Size: 4.16 MB
A Deed specifically referred to in the Title Register but not held digitally

(A Deed that is not accompanied by the statement "copy filed")

An example of such a Deed is a statement such as "a Conveyance dated 19 June 1946 made between A Jones of the one part and B Jones of the other party contains covenants."

LR3b Example

In the above extract from a Title Register, the Conveyance is not noted as copied so it is not available as a digital copy, but may be available as a paper copy.

Documents Provided
  • Title Register
  • Specified Deed
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File: pdf
Size: 1.69 MB
A Deed that is known to exist but is not referred to in the Title Register

This search is used where you know of a particular Deed but no reference to it appears in the Title Register. An example of such a Deed is where you can see from the wording at the commencement of the B section of the Title Register that the property was purchased on a particular date. To complete the purchase there would have to have been either a Transfer or a Conveyance. Thus you will know that the Deed required is either a Transfer or Conveyance and you will know the date.

LR3c Example

In the above extract from a Title Register, there is no mention of the purchase deed (conveyance or transfer) (it would normally be referred to in the A section of the Register). However, it must exist to give rise to the registration so one can assume there is a conveyance or transfer dated 23 Sep 1999.

Documents Provided
  • Title Register
  • Specified Deed
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File: pdf
Size: 781 KB
An Edited Exempt Information Document

Exempt Information Documents are those that contain sensitive information where approval was given to an application that it should not be made available to the public in its existing form. Copies of redacted documents can be obtained with the sensitive information removed.

Documents Provided
  • Title Register
  • Specified Exempt Information Document (edited copy)
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File: pdf
Size: 2.06 MB
Other Documents kept by the Land Registry relating to an Application to them

Examples of other documents available to purchase may include counsel's opinions, copies of applications to the Land Registry, memoranda and letters relating to applications.

Documents Provided
  • Title Register
  • Specified Document
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File: pdf
Size: 1.71 MB
Non-Edited Exempt Information Document (authorised persons only)

Full copies of Exempt Information Documents are only available by authorised persons, e.g. Police, HMRC and certain Insolvency Practitioners.

Please contact us by email for further information.


File: pdf
Size: 1.71 MB

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